What do we do


Specialists in Architecture, Interior Design, Space Marketing and Municipal Management.



Focusing on individuals and companies, from Manuel Navarro Arquitecto we are able to face any challenge that is proposed to us.


Always aiming to build something unique, we cover all areas, from the construction of the house of your dreams to the design of your restaurant to facilitate the positioning of the brand and the premises, work that is responsible for Space Marketing.


Team Manuel Navarro


Manuel Navarro


Manuel Navarro - Arquitecto

Andrés Díaz

Arquitecto Técnico
Graduado en Edificación

Andres Diaz

Jose García. Estudiante de Arquitectura Beca Santander.

Juan Carlos Rica

Diseñador Gráfico

Juan Carlos Rica - Diseñador Gráfico

Javier Bustos


Javier Bustos

Alvaro Medina. Estudiante de Arquitectura Beca Santander.

Paloma López. Arquitecto Técnico / Ingeniero de Edificación.

Estudio arquitectura

José Carlos Moriel. Arquitecto Colaborador.

Jose Carlos Moriel

Adrián García. Arquitecto.

Antonio González. Marketing digital. Plan de primera oportunidad de la Diputación de Málaga.

Worked with us


To build the future we must know the past


Alberto Aguilar. Gestión de Cuentas

Alberto Aguilar - Gestión de Cuentas

Alberto Cubero

Alberto cubero

Andrés Castro. Arquitecto de Plan de Primera Oportunidad de la Diputación de Málaga.

Andres Castro - Desarrollo de Proyectos

Iván Gallarín

Iván Gallarín - Gestión de Cuentas

How do we do it


trabajadores estudio de arquitectura


We work side by side with our clients advising and looking for the space that best suits each one.


estudio de arquitectura


We take care of everything, so you do not have to worry about anything.


estudio de arquitecura


We work with the best professionals so that the final result is perfect.

Why we do it

Vocation and youth summed up in their maximum exponent.

Manuel Navarro, Architect, has more than 27 years of experience in the sector. All this in conjunction with the years of experience of his mother, the architect Leonor Mármol Vásquez.
All that experience adds to the desire to work of a team, young and enthusiastic, with the idea of revolutionizing the current architecture.

Proyecto en Marbella del estudio de arquitectura